01 Oct Filmmakers Who Matter: Mo Naqvi Director / Producer (Hello Pakistan)

“Ultimately, my films are about my own journey of self discovery just as much as they are about expressing human beauty or truth in the most impossible or unexpected places

Filmmaker Mohammed Naqvi’s most recent film, Shame (Paramount / Showtime Networks) is perhaps his crowning glory; however, he’s worked on countless projects since and then, and has made a name for himself both abroad and at home.

At what point did you decide to pursue film as a profession?

I was blessed that I knew exactly what I wanted to do from exactly 10 years old. I felt alienated as a youth and romanticized the idea of being an “outsider”. This afforded me the opportunity to observe human behavior from a distance. Ultimately I was fascinated by the individual narratives that emerged, and felt compelled to manifest those in story form, whether it was through theatre or film…”