Terror’s Children

About This Project

Set in the summer of 2002, Terror’s Children follows the lives of eight Afghan refugee children in the city of Karachi, who have been forced to flee their war ravaged homes in Afghanistan, often alone, to face hunger, disease, illiteracy, servitude and even forced militancy. While many of these children live in the Afghan refugee camp, some also live in illegal encroachments near garbage dumps and become scavengers who sell paper and bottles that they have collected by sifting through trash, others find refuge in religious schools (madrasas) that provide free food, shelter and clothing to young boys in exchange for their allegiance to the cause of Islam.


> Overseas Press Club Award: The Carl Spielvogel Award (2004)
> South Asian Journalist Award (2004)


Producers: Mohammed Naqvi, Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, Jay Keuper
Executive Producers: William Abrams, Ann Derry, Bill Smee
Senior Producer: Philip Boag
Cinematography: Ahmed Khan
Film Editing: Jay Keuper
Production Management: Vivian Schiller
Editorial Department: Steve Wechsler

(Film), Discovery Times Channel