The General Goes Home / Currently In Production

About This Project

The General Goes Home is a fly-on-the-wall exploration of Pervez Musharraf, one of the world’s most polarizing leaders. A four star General and form President of Pakistan, Musharraf lives in self-exile in Dubai, longing to return to Pakistan, but haunted by his legacy as a double dealer and dictator. The General Goes Home chronicles Musharraf’s attempt at returning to politics as Pakistan destabilizes and begins transforming itself into a hard-line Islamic state.

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> TFI Documentary Fund (2014)
> Jerome Foundation Grantee (2014)
> IFP Film Week (2012)
> Hot Docs Forum Participant (2011)

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Company Credits

64th St. Media, Mighty Engine Films, Impact Partners


Director: Mohammed Naqvi
Executive Producer: Dan Cogan
Producer: Mohammed Naqvi, Jared Ian Goldman
Co-Producer: Jenny Raskin
Writer: Mohammed Naqvi
Editor: Benjamin Gray, Sky Gewant

(Film), 64th St. Media / Mighty Engine Films / Impact Partners